How to Get What You Want at Work

You need to ask for it! See you next article!

Okay fine I’ll explain a bit more. In order to get what you want at work and in life you need to ask for it. Is it any surprise that the more outgoing and verbose tend to be the ones that get what they want in life? Is this because of their charisma and ability to captivate? Yes, obviously that has a lot to do with it but there is another element. The willingness to ask for what they want.

This is for two simple reasons. People are not mind readers and they like following the path of least resistance. Whether it is the promotion, the big project, or a date. It’s all the same. When you do end up asking for the promotion you may be shocked to find out they are shocked you are even interested! As a manager who would you rather promote? The person asking for it and actively trying to improve or the quiet person you believe is content in their role? Exactly, the path of least resistance.


You don’t have to be a champion of charisma to pull this off. Have an honest conversation with your boss and ask for advice on how to be ready for when an opportunity arises. This act alone shows drive and ambition which are valuable assets. This will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

But what if this backfires and you basically get told no? PERFECT! This is a wonderful answer for you. Your next move is made crystal clear. Time to change jobs, get that resume out there. If you have any drive to increase your value in a company and you are informed you are at your ceiling you must leave. The effort you put into that job from then on is wasted. Give your effort at a place that sees more potential in you. The exception to this is a ‘no’ with a clear and conscience reason. No but, you need X and Y certifications. No but, let’s put a plan together to be ready for the next opening. Great, this can be a positive experience and is worth pursuing.

The only time this is difficult is when they give you a wishy-washy answer. This can potentially be worse than a no for your career. Nothing is worse than false hope. If the conversation doesn’t go well or it goes poorly you are probably in this area. “We will see”, “stick a pin in this”, “maybe next year” are all phrases to be concerned about but need to be evaluated against the individual boss and company.

Hold them responsible though. If you take their advice and touch back with them in a few months with a similar answer it may be time to leave as well. I don’t like to waste effort. I don’t spend money on frivolous things and I don’t spend effort at companies that don’t see my long term value. Neither should you.


This was a shorter one as this is a more direct answer but I hope you still liked it! While you are here check out one of my other articles, if you liked this You. Are. Replaceable. would probably be your style.


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